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Chew toys – 6 important factors to consider when buying chew toys for dogs

How to choose the right chew toy? Here are 6 factors to consider.

Our 4-legged buddies love chewing. They just really, really do. Chewing on stuff makes teething easier for puppies and keeps jaws strong for aging dogs. Canines also explore the world through sniffs, licks and nibbles, chewing their way to a better understanding of their surroundings. Pick the right toy for your dog. But be careful! Safety comes first.

1, Safety of dog toys

Unfortunately, many dog toys contain nasty toxins like arsenic, phthalates, lead, formaldehyde and more that can cause illness. Always check the materials and manufacturing before buying! All the toys we offer on Pets with Attitude are healthy, safe and FDA approved. You can try Benebone sticks as they contain nothing but nylon and real bacon or maple flavour. There are different shapes.

2, Shape of dog toys

Chew toys in the shape of bones are the most common and favourite ones. Sticks are remarkably similar to bones and they are loved by dogs. Give your bud a non-edible bone to massage their gums with a mint-flavour basic-shaped Pet twerks backbone. Looking for something special? We got you! Check out the chew toys options we recommend. There are all shapes and sizes.

3, Size of chew toys

This is probably the most important factor to consider when selecting the right toy for your dog. A wrong decision can lead to a big choking hazard! If you are not sure, talk to your vet about the best sizes and options. Any toy that can fit completely inside your dog’s mouth is off-limits. That is the basic rule. Not to mention the opposite, do not get an overly large toy since your dog can have a hard time chewing. It can damage their teeth. If you have a puppy, check out the dog toy pack for puppies or read more about puppy care.

3, Durability

When buying a toy, you probably want it to last a little bit. Getting new toys every few weeks can be overwhelming. Long lasting durable toys are good for training, teething or weight management. ABTOR Ultra Durable Dog Chew Toy is made from the toughest natural rubber and it helps to reduce dog anxiety and avoid destructive chewing. Durable toys provide long-lasting engagement, but on the other hand, do not let your pal get bored. Dog’s behaviour is similar to human toddlers, everything new excite them, so one toy for life is definitely not enough.

4, Attractive flavour

Material is important to make sure that your dog is playing safely. However, delicious flavour is something every dog adore. Their sense of taste is lower than in humans, humans have around 9 000 taste buds in their mouths, while dogs have just 1 700. Taste is still important to them, especially the one for meat. Dog’s taste buds are specifically designed to appreciate various compounds within meat and meat flavoured products. Make them happy with Nylabone Power chew dental bone for adult dogs with their favourite bacon flavour. Do you want more? Try a Triple pack with chicken, bacon and peanut butter. What will be the most loved toy?

5, Chew style of your dog

Is your beloved family member an aggressive chewer? Tough dog toys specifically made for aggressive chewers and large breed are made with nylon and they passed more than 1 000 bite resistance tests of professional equipment. They are almost indestructible. Not all dogs are aggressive, we also have the ones that love to rip soft things and eat the remains. For best option for them are plush and rope toys. Does your dog have sensitive teeth? Then all hard toys may break their teeth. In this case, opt for a durable rubber. Not sure? Rawhide may be dangerous if you do not know your dog too well. Contact your vet for personal recommendations.

6, Dog’s past

Know your pet and know their past. We know that this is not always possible, especially when you adopted your buddy, but if possible, try try to determine what your dog had already used in the past. That is the best way to avoid lack of usability, interest and excitement! Of course, you can never know for sure if the new toy will draw their attention. Every once in a while is good to switch the game and make a surprise! What about a Squeaky chew ball? Durable beef-flavoured squeaky toy can arouse the interest and stimulate their brain. Get them busy!
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