A wonderful fact about pets is that they can help us to become calm, make your day happy, and make your life stress free. From joy and happiness, there are many responsibilities which arise while having a pet. This includes- Proper feeding and pet care.

Check out below for some of the methods and tips on “HOW TO FEED YOUR PET”!

Because proper feeding for your pet is very essential to make your pet stay fit and healthy and help him to live a long lasting life.

Healthy Food for Dogs  

Feeding the dog is different in all stages of its life. This can be explained more elaborately in the above discussion here.

#  For puppy’s who are less than 30 days- when the dog is too small , these  puppies usually are not able to eat. So proper food for them is their mother’s milk, and cerelac.If cerelac is not available you can mash the starter feed in a mixer grinder and give it to your puppy with water and milk as your puppy likes. Feed your  puppy 3-4 times in a day.starter food is very important in 1 to 3 months of dogs which will help to fulfill dog’s basic requirements. There are many renowned brands for starter food such as – Pedigree (mother pup) , etc.

 # After 90 days – You can start feeding your pet. Deworming the dog from time to time , provide supplements, vitamins, provide some non-veg with the veg food to make dog food interesting. Non-veg is a very essential ingredient for body growth and nutrition.

Also,  add stuff like- Eggs, ruce, fruits, vegetables, Dry fruits.

# After 6- 12 months – Now your dog is enough young for which you can introduce many new products and  food in his diet. Like-  vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, nuts, sweet potatoes calcium, vitamin -D, egg, Fish, fish oil, chicken( bowled ).

And some important things you can provide proper exercise, training and timely vaccination to your dog, this helps the dog to grow.

# After 12 months and above:-

Your dog is now Adult, now adult food is suitable for a dog. If his body is not grown you can give him 2-3 eggs, in a 2 -2 days gap.

* start feeding him home made food like rice curd, boiled meat, etc.

2. How to feed your Cat

1. For 1-3 months –

In 1 -3 months your kitten is too small, so you would have to be very careful in dealing with her.

*feed your kitten four times in a day.

* feed- dry foods in 20 gm only

* chickens and home made food in 30 to 40 gm.

3 to 6 Months –

 Now feed your pet  three times in  a day. * feed dry foods in 30 gm and,

* chicken and homemade food at 40 -50 gm.

6 months or above – now your cat is strong and young so needs to increase the quantity of food you feed to your cat.

 * feed your cat two times in a day.

* dry foods in 60-70 gm

* chicken and home made foods in 100gm and above as your cat wishes.

Don’t free feed your cat. It makes it too lazy, increases his rude behaviour and may physically weaken your cat.

Adapting or following this schedule makes your kitten active and healthy for his/her lifetime.

How to feed your Rabbit


Having a pet like a rabbit is rare but nowadays rabbits are also becoming a trending choice of pet owners. Here is an available food list which a rabbit is fed.

For a newborn rabbit, he should be fed his mother’s milk.

At 5 months younger, he should be feed –

a. Alfalfa pellets.

b. Alfalfa hay.

You can feed  your rabbit three times a day. Given below is the list of food which rabbits love to eat.

1. Grass Hay –

* niffe Green



2 .Potentially gassy, spinach, broccoli.

3. Pellets- In every small quantity broken in small pieces.  I recommend you all to give 1/4 cup per 5lb to your rabbit..

You can also give your rabbit small pieces of  dried apples which your rabbit loves to eat.

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