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Puppy toys and puppy care

Puppies love to play! That is given. Younger dogs have a lot of energy. They need to move around all the time. Running, jumping and chasing are their natural behaviour. Most young breeds need to get their stored energy moving to build their inner hunting instincts. Get them a great toy that is designed for bonding with their owner, with you. Read our elemental puppy care guide.

Toys for puppies

Puppies require lots of attention physical engagement and exercise. Be sure to always have a good toy in hand to engage them in physical or mental activities. It is essential for a puppy owner to have a mixture of nice toys in a pet drawer or somewhere close, when the puppy is ready to play. Do not forget that young puppies require a lot of attention and physical exercise. There is a perfect 14 pack kit for that! It contains rope dog toys, IQ treat ball, toothbrush stick, rubber bone, banana dog toy, frisbee and more. Every day will be the best day of your dog’s life. They are interactive, cute and great value!

Available puppy toys are made to be squeaked and chewed. Plush material is the most common as their teeth are in the process of developing and plush toys are easier on their mouths. Many puppy toys are also equipped with teethers and rings that’s either embedded or attached, so it provides satisfaction and dental stimulation to their teeth. Do you have an aggressive chewer in the house? Check out the Oneisall indestructible pet chew toy bone for puppy dogs! Choose the correct size and do not let your puppy feel lonely ever again. The best toy company will keep them busy for hours.

Attention! The puppy toys are usually not meant for adult dogs and vice versa. Toys for puppies are smaller and maid from softer material, adult dog toys should be tough depending on what kind of dog do you own. For example, Abtor Ultra durable dog toy is made for fully adults, it could even hurt your little puppy or their teeth. Just wait a while, they actually grow up very fast! Enjoy the moment and play with your puppy as much as you can!

Puppy care 101

We have introduced you basics of puppy toys. Even thoughtoys for puppies are designed to provide senses for discovering sounds and natural instincts, there are other important things to consider when taking care of a puppy. Puppy care or dog care is quite specific, but the main rule is – a lot of love for your puppy. Read our puppy care tips.

Food for puppies

The youngest puppies are not able to process food and they live of their mother’s milk. After a month you can start introducing basic dog food to them. Be careful, puppy stomach is still quite sensitive. Read our ultimate guide to feed you pet to get more information.

Teething puppies

Teething can be a frustrating period. Puppies can be easily irritated and need to chew a lot. First of all, be patient. In order to save your shoes and furniture, but also to teach your puppy some healthy chewing habits, try out this amazing Triple Pack for puppies with variety toy and treat. Start with the pink chicken-flavoured puppy bone for teething puppies, then a power chew bone when they are starting to get permanent teeth and the last one – edible lamb and apple puppy treat for dogs older than 6 months.

Keep puppies warm and clean

Young dogs need special attention and caring. They are like human new-borns, keep them warm, clean and safe. Before the training starts or if you are busy to train them, use this perfect Artificial grass bathroom as an indoor dog toilet. The pet pad encompasses a three-layer system that makes cleaning super easy. They are odour resistant, so do not worry to come back to a smelly home. Dogs really love it and you will too.

In the beginning it sounds romantic to keep your puppy in your bed every day. They will probably do it anyway, but it is necessary to have a special resting place designed just for them. They love your bed because of you. When you are not present, buy them this special cuddling ultra-soft bed donut for sleeping and resting comfortably.

This is just a basic information for your puppies. Check our website for all the information you are looking for. Our Guide to pet care is informative and will make you ready to be a proud pet owner. Get here the right pet supplies and be ready for an adventurous life with your beloved buddy.

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